Hey, my name is Lan. I'm 21 years old, genderqueer, and Canadian. This is a multifandom blog, mainly One Piece and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure right now. I also post a lot of social justice and bad puns. I do a lot of cosplay, and I draw some. I partly support myself through sewing, so if you're interested in ordering one of my fabulous commissions, you can hit me up at

My boyfriend is this guy and the big egg of my heart can be found here.

a little sample to convince myself that it would be within reason to knit diego’s sweater at some point. (it would not, the question is do i care.) i was using size 4 needles, but i feel like i’d want something nearly twice that size for the actual thing. also, look how even my cast-on was, i’m getting so good at this knitting thing.

A couple embroidered buttons I made for Jax. I feel like these are the sort of thing that if I ever went for artist alley somewhere, I’d sell these.

I made an Aron plush for Chase's birthday. It's been a looooong time since I made plushies out of fabric, but I think it went pretty well, especially since all the patterning was more intuitive than actually planned out.

Okay, now the shoulder detail is done.

All of the embroidery on Malik is now complete. It was a total of 37 hours.

more embroidery @ ^ @

Finished the embroidery and buttons for Malik’s middle layer!

Finished one side of the embroidery for Malik! This took roughly 10 hours, but I was distracted with various things for all of that.

My computer overheated again so I got bored and drew on my hand and now I want to draw on other people.

I made Usopp wristbands for Heath and Andy. Now you can’t back out. C:<

I made Usopp wristbands for Heath and Andy. Now you can’t back out. C:<